Buy-ether started!

We are pleased to announce buy ether; an informational website about Ethereum, currently available in two languages; English and Chinese. There is also a Dutch ether kopen version that offers these materials in the Dutch language.


The idea of this website is to provide information and to assist people in downloading the wallet, making transactions, dealing with exchanges and provide semi real-time course information. In addition we will provide an option to purchase and sell ether (ether is the underlying token of the ethereum network) with/ for bitcoin, but perhaps in the future also accepting credit-cards. A token, to clarify is a string of characters that contains value, it kind of functions as money, as it cannot be double-spend.

Our target audience are people that want to get involved and want to purchase some ether as an investment, but don’t know where to start.

There is not much ethereum for dummies material out there so we are glad that we can help. For an outsider, if bitcoin was difficult to grasp, ethereum is outright inaccessible and very tough to digest.