DIGIX First Ethereum DAO - Plans to launch digital gold platform

Ethereum features a number of interesting startups on top of the ethereum blockchain. Boostvc even stated that they will start accepting ethereum startups, next to bitcoin startups to diversify into the ether ecosystem.

On the buy-ether blog we will put several of these ethereum startups on focus in a number of blog posts. The Ethereum model lends itself for special variant of startup, namely the digital autonomous organisation (DAO) where revenues are automatically shared in real-time.


The first DAO on the ethereum blockchain is DIGIX; a digital gold asset platform that will interchange ethereum tokens with DGX gold tokens; each DGX gold token is backed by 1 gram of real gold. In a later stage other assets will be tokenized too, for example diamonds.

The company is Singapore based and is planning a tight integration with EtherEx to enable real-time decentral crypto currency and crypto asset exchanges. It will be great to be able to do a real-time exchange of your DGX gold tokens to for example bitcoin, without having to rely on a central exchange such as, for example Poloniex, with all associated risks.

Dgx.io is planning a crowdsale in which they offer investors a chance to be a part of dxg and share potential revenues on a quarterly basis. More information can be found on the special crowdsale page. The crowdsale started on 1 march and will last until 28 april. They are scheduling webinars to answer questions relating to the crowdsale and previous webinars can be found on their facebook page.




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